HIGH LANE is the VILLAGE where you have chosen to live

Every resident is entitled to have their say on any topic whether at our meeting, by letter, e-mail, phone or response to a questionnaire.

The RESIDENT ASSOCIATION meetings are a chance to debate issues with your local Councillors or to request action from a Council Department

NEXT MEETING     7th February 2019 at 8:00 pm High Lane Library

  check out monthly meeting page for future dates

                        Forthcoming Events of Interest    

      Libraries Consultation (open until 15 December 2018 ) .... Open technology has bee installed at our Library for people to access library services on a self service basis when it's most convenient. A reduction in staff hours will be introduced from 1st April 2019. Please take part in council's consultation in Library or on line


  “Following publication of our recent newsletter, we have been asked to clarify that the Friends of High Lane and Brookside Parks group is entirely independent from the Residents Association and the High Lane Village Neighbourhood Forum”

     Towpath repairs between Bridge 11 (A6) and Bridge 9 (Andrew Lane)... phase 1 & 2 now complete

   The Canal River Trust need your support to restore our local canal  .see :canalrivertrust.org.uk .. : tel 0303 040 4040


  • bridge 10 towpath repairs

  • towpath step repairs

  • High Lane Park

  • High Lane

    Hartley Wood

High Lane canal

High Lane canal